Chong-jun Yi

Yi Chong-jun was born in 1939 in Jangheung, Jeollanam-do province. He studied German Language and Literature at Seoul National University. Since his debut in 1965 with the publication of “Toewon (Hospital Discharge)” in “Sasanggye” magazine., he was won numerous awards for his literary works, including the 1968 Dongin Literature Award for “Byeongsin-gwa meojeori (The Idiot and the Fool),” the 1978 Yi Sang Literature Award for “Janinhan dosi (The Cruel City),” the 1986 Republic of Korea Literature Award for “Bihwamilgyo (Esoteric Buddhism),” the 1990 Isan Literature Award for “Jayu-ui mun (The Gate of Freedom),” and the first 21st Century Literature Award for “Nalgae-ui jip (The House of Wings)” in 1998.