Ho-tae Jeon

Ho-tae Jeon is a professor of Department of History & Culture at University of Ulsan, Korea. He received his BA, MA, and PhD in Korean history at Seoul National University and has been a curator at the National Museum of Korea. He specializes in the ancient cultural history of Korea and has published numerous articles on Goguryeo tomb murals and ancient Chinese art. Professional research projects include GOGURYEO GOBUNBYEOKHWA ILKKI (Reading the Goguryeo Tomb Murals) (Seoul: Seoul National University Press, 2008), GOGURYEO TOMB MURALS; THE DREAMS OF THE LIVING AND HOPES OF THE DEAD (Seoul: Seoul National University Press, 2007), GOGURYEO GOBUNBYEOKHWAUI SEGYE (The World of Goguryeo Tomb Murals) (Seoul: Seoul National University Press, 2004), SARA INNEUN URI YEOKSA, MUNHWA YUSANUI SEGYE (Korean History Alive, The World of Cultural Heritage) (Ulsan: University of Ulsan Press, 2004), GOGURYEO GOBUN BYEOKHWA YEON-GU (Study of Goguryeo Tomb Murals) (Seoul: Sakyejul Publishing, 2000). Handbooks for students and general readers include BYEOKHWAYEO, GOGURYEOREUL MALHARA (Murals, Unveil Goguryeo) (Seoul: Sakyejul Publishing, 2004), BYEOKHWARO BON GOGURYEO IYAGI (Seeing Goguryeo through the Tomb Murals) (Seoul: Pulbit Publishing, 1999). He has also written the following educational history books for children: GOGURYEO SARAMDEREUN WAE BYEOKHWAREUL GEURYEONNAYO? (Why Did Goguryeo People Paint Murals?) (Seoul: Five Wagons Publishing, 1998), SILLAREUL WAE HWANGEUMUI NARARAGO HAENNAYO? (Why Was Silla Called the Golden State?) (Seoul: Five Wagons Publishing, 1999