Insook Jung Cho

Insook Jung Cho is the ultimate Korean Language Coach.  She has over 30 years of experience teaching Korean language and culture to students of all ages and skill levels. Starting with children and youth (grades K-12) with the Korean Language Institute of Southern California, she co-wrote the entire textbook & workbook series It’s Fun to Learn Korean (K-9) while serving as instructor (1980-1988) and later as principal (1988-1995).

She began teaching adults at Glendale Community College in 1997, where she turned her beginning Korean teaching materials into the practical and informative Real Life Korean I Textbook and Workbook (1999).

After earning her M.A. in Korean Education, she began teaching an on-line SAT 2 Korean course through the International Institute of California (IIC) in 2003. The materials she developed for this course were later published as the popular test prep book SAT II Korean with Listening (Second Edition, 2006). Still the only book of its kind (for Korean study), the book consists of ten complete practice tests following the prescribed format of what is now called the SAT Subject Test: Korean with Listening.

She has never stopped coaching students for SAT Korean and TOPIK test prep, and also tutors professionals with Korean language needs at work. Her signature style is highly customized instruction combined with high expectations on the student to employ good study habits and self-discipline. She continues to hone the teaching resources she has been developing for decades and plans to continue publishing high-caliber Korean Language resources.