Jongkeun Lee

Jongkeun Lee graduated from Chung-Ang University’s Department of Photography and the graduate school of the same university. He runs a photo and video production company called GuruVisual Co., Ltd., and also teaches advertising photography at his alma mater. In 1995, he began working as a photo director, doing the covers and pictorials of Marie ClaireMaison, and Sulwhasoo magazines. Today, he is currently working for the monthly magazine Casa Living. He has long been actively engaged in product, architecture, and food photography, and has worked on many familiar advertising campaigns as a photographer. He has also taken photos of important cultural heritage such as Hunminjeongeum Haeryebon and Hyewon Hwacheop. Lee’s photography style involves deeply observing the subject and expressing it in warm and profound tones through an artistic interpretation. Architecture books that capture his vision include Korea Style and Hanok: The Korean House.