Urs Raebsamen

The author of this captivating book, which delves into the heart of Korean culture and corporate life, was born and raised in a Swiss village. But his journey of exploration and discovery took him to various countries and settings, including Switzerland, Malaysia, Korea, and Hong Kong.

The author holds a master’s degree in business administration from the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland and has over two decades of experience in asset management. His career includes roles as an equity portfolio manager, client relationship manager, and investment specialist. Beyond the office, he finds joy in travelling, skiing, and martial arts.

A significant milestone in the author’s journey was serving on the Executive Committee at his employer’s asset management joint venture in Korea. This role provided unique insights into both Korean corporate life and culture, enriching his experiences and broadening his horizons.

As a seasoned expert in financial markets and an avid traveler, the author offers readers an enthralling blend of practical insights, intriguing facts, and personal anecdotes in this book. This journey through Korean culture is bound to be both enlightening and inspiring. So, join the author as he takes you on an entertaining and informative journey through Korea’s vibrant tapestry.