Young-dahl Song

Born in Seoul, Young-dahl Song studied at Seoul High School, Yonsei University, and the University of
Georgia in the United States. He earned his Ph.D. in public administration at the University of Pennsylvania
in 1967. After teaching politics and administration at Yonsei University and East Carolina University for over
thirty years as a professor, he retired as an associate professor emeritus, and is now based in Florida.

Professor Song has long focused on collecting old books, paintings, and other publications on Korea by
Western writers and artists. By translating Keith’s books Old Korea and Eastern Windows into Korean, he was
among the first to acknowledge the historical and cultural importance of her artwork. Professor Song has
held several exhibitions of Keith’s art in museums across Korea and the United States, including the National
Museum of Contemporary Art, the Jeonbuk Province Art Museum, and the Gyeongnam Art Museum. He also
translated Mary L. Taylor’s Chain of Amber, a story of Seoul under Japanese colonial rule.

In this edition, he provides the whole collection of Keith’s artworks on Korea and includes several pieces
on Keith’s life and art.