Young-shin Park

Dr.  Young-shin Park has been a tenured professor in the Department of Education at Inha University since 1993. She has served in leadership roles on numerous academic associations, as President of the Korean Society for Women Psychology, President of the Korean Association of Human Development, and President of the Korean Psychological Association of Culture and Social Issues, Vice-President of the Korean Educational Research Association, Editor-in-Chief of the Korean Psychological Association, and Editor-in-Chief of the Korean Educational Psychology Association. Dr. Park received research distinction being the most frequently cited researcher in her field of study, humanities and social sciences (education), as found by the Korea Joongang Daily News that evaluated the academic contributions of Korean academics. Dr. Park’s main areas of research interests are parent-child relationship, achievement consciousness, happiness and quality of life, stress, youth culture and delinquent behavior, and Korean indigenous psychology. Dr. Park’s primary motivation for writing this book is to meaningfully move people’s hearts in a continuing effort towards a realization of a beautiful and peaceful world.