50 Sino-2000 Korean Vocabulary Builder (Revised Edition)

Building 2,000 words with the 50 most powerful Chinese characters


50 Sino-2000 Korean Vocabulary Builder (Revised Edition)
  • This book was created to help non-Chinese intermediate learners of Korean expand their vocabulary by more than 2,000 Sino-Korean words quickly and efficiently by learning the 50 most powerful Chinese characters. 
  • To help you understand basic Chinese characters, this book presents the meanings and pictures of Chinese characters together and practices writing in the order of strokes. Also, by presenting a table of Chinese characters, users can reference Chinese characters at a glance.
  • This book contains example sentences and English translations for each word along with synonyms and antonyms.  Example sentences are written using appropriate vocabulary and grammar that students at the intermediate level should be able to understand.
  • The review quiz is intended to check understanding of both Sino-Korean vocabulary characteristics in word formation and the meaning of Chinese characters. In addition, the appendix also includes a list of high-frequency analogous meanings and major homonyms.
Unit 1 인 (人) person
Unit 2 생 (生) be born
Unit 3 대 (大) big
Unit 4 학 (學) learn
Unit 5 국 (國) nation
Unit 6 가 (家) house
Unit 7 일 (日) sun
Unit 8 년 (年) year
Unit 9 시 (時) time
Unit 10 일 (一) one
Unit 11 중 (中) center
Unit 12 외 (外) outside
Unit 13 출 (出) go out
Unit 14 입 (入) enter
Unit 15 분 (分) divide
Unit 16 문 (文) writing
Unit 17 식 (食) food
Unit 18 장 (場) large place
Unit 19 지 (地) earth
Unit 20 물 (物) thing
Unit 21 심 (心) heart
Unit 22 어 (語) language
Unit 23 사 (事) affair
Unit 24 업 (業) business
Unit 25 회 (會) meet
Unit 26 용 (用) use
Unit 27 자 (者) person (suffix)Unit
Unit 28 발 (發) shoot
Unit 29 동 (動) move
Unit 30 대 (對) face
Unit 31 장 (長) long
Unit 32 행 (行) go
Unit 33 자 (自) oneself
Unit 34 성 (成) achieve
Unit 35 교 (敎) teach
Unit 36 감 (感) feel
Unit 37 기 (機) machine
Unit 38 성 (性) nature
Unit 39 금 (金) metal
Unit 40 기 (氣) energy
Unit 41 부 (部) divide
Unit 42 소 (所) place
Unit 43 력 (力) strength
Unit 44 론 (論) discuss
Unit 45 정 (定) fix
Unit 46 리 (理) manage
Unit 47 실 (實) fruit
Unit 48 도 (道) road
Unit 49 불 (不) not
Unit 50 적 (的) target
Additional List
The Most Powerful Synonymical Suffixes and Prefixes
Main Homonyms
Index (한영 사전식 구성)


Lee Young Hee

Lee Young Hee graduated from Kyungpook National University with bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Korean linguistics.  She received her PhD degree at Sookmyung Women’s University in Sino-Korean Word Education.  She has been teaching Korean to diplomats at the U.S. Department of State’s Foreign Service Institute in Seoul since 1993.

367 pp.
Softcover 18.6 x 25.6 cm
ISBN-13: 9781565913868
ISBN-10: 1-56591-386-8