Weekend in Pyongyang, North Korea


A Weekend in Pyongyang, North Korea gives unique access to the centennial anniversary of Kim Il-sung’s birth and aspects of life in Pyongyang, North Korea.  These photos capture what is so foreign and intriguing to the rest of the world.

Adelin Petrisor is one of the most well-known war correspondents in Romania. He has reported from war torn countries all over the world. Still, it took six years for his visa request to visit North Korea to be approved. His childhood dream was to visit the country of Kim Il-sung, the most reliable friend of Nicolae Ceausescu, former leader of communist Romania. Petrisor recognized the shabby airport, grey buildings, and people dressed up in dull colors who fearfully turn their heads away and quickly walk in the opposite direction when they realize strangers are watching them. The government crafted façade was all too familiar to him. Each snapshot was a reminder of his childhood in communist Romania: large queues outside shops, huge deserted boulevards, and big banners filled with communist propaganda. The leader was everywhere, except in the food, which was always lacking.

Petrisor’s camera captures the stark realities of life in North Korea’s capital city through the lens of his painful memories growing up in Romania under communist rule. If you’ve ever been curious about North Korea, these photos provide insight into the eerily choreographed life within the isolated hermit kingdom.



Adelin Petrisor

Adelin Petrisor began his career in 1994 at the radio station 2M+. He worked at Tele 7ABC, TVR, Antena 1, and Realitatea TV. He is today a special correspondent for the Romanian public television. He made live transmissions from Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Israel, Algeria, Albania, Egypt, Libya and other war zones. The Association of Television Professionals in Romania awarded him five times, including the Grand Award in 2003, the Award for the Best Reportage in 2007 and the Award for Political Documentary in 2009.

144 pp.
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Hardcover 25 x 25 cm.
ISBN-13: 9781565914827
ISBN-10: 1565914821

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