Beautiful Shapes and Patterns


Join us on an enchanting journey to learn about Korean traditional culture, where shapes tell stories of beauty and meaning! We will discover a magical realm filled with circles, rectangles, triangles, stripes, and more. These shapes may seem familiar, just like ones we see in the West, but oh, the tales they tell are uniquely Korean!

Imagine rectangles crafted from white marble whispering tales different from those woven in wood and soil. Picture enormous domes dancing alongside cozy thatched roofs, each carrying its own special charm. From majestic mountains to lush fields, from traditional Korean houses to vibrant folk paintings, and even to earthen jugs, every shape has a story to share.

Join us as we unravel the mysteries of these shapes, discovering how they come together like pieces of a grand puzzle. In each image, we find harmony—similar shapes dancing side by side, or different shapes blending seamlessly.

Just like our world, filled with things that are both alike and unique, these traditional Korean images teach us the beauty of differences and the magic of unity. Come along on this colorful adventure, where every shape has a tale, waiting for you to discover!



Han Tae-hee

Han Tae-hee was born in 1962 in Seoul. He graduated from the Department of Applied Arts at Seoul Institute of the Arts, after which he has been illustrating children’s books.  He held the first solo exhibition, “A Journey into Fairy Tales,” in 1998. He longs for strange new worlds, and a beautiful world in which children and grown-ups can live together, and works to create stories about such worlds. He has written many books including Beautiful shapes and Patterns, Daebyeolwang and Sobyeolhwang, A Grandpa Who Regains the Spring, Temple Seonwun of Mount Dosol, Fireworks Pang Pang, Solmi’s Journey unto the Night Sky, Palm Amusement Park, Palm Zoo, Robot Friend, and Whistle, Whistle.

Charlie Chung (Translator)

Chung is a translator of children’s literature.  She studied translation at Ewha Women’s University GSTI and worked for a publishing agency introducing Korean children’s books around the world. She has translated many Korean children’s books into English and been in a doctoral program in translation studies.

30 pp.
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