Fallen Angela


Fallen Angela is a sweet story of friendship between a baby bird who has fallen out of its nest and a young girl who tries to help, feed and protect it.

The author is a 13 year old girl who envisioned this story at the age of ten.



Yuna Kahng

Yuna Kahng is a 13 year old girl, living in South Korea.  At the age of eight, she moved to Vancouver, Canada and lived there for two years.  After returning to Korea, she was awarded the grand prize in an English writing contest supported by the Korea Herald and also won several prizes in renowned English writing contests.  Fallen Angela is her first English picture book, created in her own world of imagination and written at the age of ten.  While she hopes to one day become a writer, her ultimate professional goal is to become a brain scientist.  She is currently working on writing ten more books that she hopes to publish soon.

Tess Seo

Tess Seo is an illustrator and artist living with her family in Seoul, Korea.  She worked for an eLearning company as a team leader.  She has illustrated the artwork for several environmental education books. Her creative and humorous illustrations are based on her love of nature.

32 pp.
LC# 2017934607
Hardcover 21 x 27 cm.
ISBN-13: 9781565913783
ISBN-10: 1565913787