Functional Korean

A Communicative Approach


Functional Korean is a ground-breaking comprehensive and thorough Korean-language textbook that will complement any college or university course. Designed with the latest language teaching/learning approach, Functional Korean will enable the English-speaking learner to develop skills and strategies for manipulating the Korean language system spontaneously and flexibly. Learners will be able to express his/her intended messages and meanings effectively in hundreds of real-life situations. There are ample cultural notes and illustrations, which make the learning experience entertaining as well as instructive. Accompanying the regular lesson units are useful “resource” units dealing with the Korean sounds and Han-gul, numbers, telephone, Chinese characters, and others.

380 pp.
LC# 89-83649
Hardcover 25 x 18 cm
ISBN-13: 9780930878658
ISBN-10: 0930878655

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