God in Our Government

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God in Our Government

Contrary to what we’ve been told recently, our history is by no means secular. It is rich with the influence of God’s hand and God’s word. His presence is apparent in the documents of our government, on the memorials we cherish most, in our government buildings, in our art, and in the words and writings of our greatest leaders. In a time when our culture is spiraling downward into a moral abyss we have lost touch with God. We have fashioned a moral vacuum into which all manner of depravity is allowed to rush in, while any trace of virtue, God or the Holy Scriptures is being systematically expunged. There has never been greater need than today for our people to hear the truth of our Godly heritage. There has never been a greater need than today for our people to hear that truth reaffirmed by their leaders.



Richard Saccone

Dr. Richard Saccone was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He earned his academic degrees from Weber State University (B.S.), Naval Postgraduate School (M.A.), and University of Oklahoma (M.P.A.), and the University of Pittsburgh (Ph.D.).

He first came to Korea in 1978 and has lived in both North and South Korea, on and off, over fourteen years. He became deeply interested in the history and culture and has spent significant time traveling, observing and studying Korea in connection with the research for this and his other books. Over the years, he appeared regularly on television, radio, and also wrote a weekly travel column.

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