Introduction to Korean Culture


Introduction to Korean Culture is intended to meet the needs of the general reader and is widely used in universities and college courses. Major aspects of traditional, as well as modern Korean culture are discussed by reputable scholars specializing in particular fields, and each chapter is prepared specifically to introduce a particular aspect of culture. A brief survey of Korean history and other cultural information are provided to enable the reader to fully appreciate the roots of Korean culture and the ways in which it has grown and transformed throughout the ages. For those who wish to continue their quest for greater knowledge, a selected bibliography is provided at the end of each chapter. Illustrations.

List of Contributors
Nancy Abelman, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Donald L. Baker, University of British Columbia
In-hak Choi, Inha University
Byung-ok Chun, Korean Traditional Design Institute
Alan C. Heyman, Researcher in Korea
Han-kyo Kim, University of Cincinnati
Kumja Paik Kim, Asian Art Museum of San Francisco
Robert H. C. Kim, Western Washington University
John H. Koo, Arizona State University
Junghee Lee, Portland State University
Kwang-kyu Lee, Seoul National University
Won-sul Lee, Former President of Han Nam University
David R. McCann, Harvard University
Andrew C. Nahm, Western Michigan University
John Kie-chang Oh, Catholic University of America
Mark Peterson, Brigham Young University
Marilyn M. Rhie, Smith College
Clark Sorensen, University of Washington

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