Korea: Revealing the Beauty Within (replaced by Beauty of Korea)


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Please note: This title was replaced by The Beauty of Korea ISBN: 9781565910744

KOREA: Revealing the Beauty Within beautifully captures what makes Korea unique and visually spectacular. With images that leave an indelible mark on your mind, photographer Jae-sik Suh takes us on a tour of his native country all the way from Seoul to Jeju Island.

This book covers seven different cities and six subjects to show us the many different sides of Korea and its real beauty inside. The author begins with modern metropolises, Seoul and Busan, which are the first and second largest cities in Korea. Then he guides us to historic capitals, Gyeongju, Gongju, and Buyeo where you find cultural relics and the historical sites of Korea’s ancient kingdoms. The journey continues to Korea’s biggest island, Jeju Island, which is considered the best vacation spot in Korea. The grand tour doesn’t end there. He introduces people who have inherited and maintained Korea’s traditional heritage and their way of life. Anyone seeing this photo book will fall in love with Korea and enjoy an inspiring view of this great country of beauty.


Jae-sik Suh

Jae-sik Suh is a well-known photographer who captures the beauty of Korea through the lens of his camera. He has won over 50 awards including the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism Award in a competition organized by the Korea Tourism Organization. He served as the director of photography of Hanguk hwabo and the magazine Seoul and is currently a member of The Photo Artist Society of Korea.

211 pp.
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Softcover 24.5 x 21 x 2 cm
ISBN-13: 9781565914797
ISBN-10: 1565914791