Korean-Americans: Past, Present, and Future


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Korean-Americans: Past, Present, and Future is a limited-edition publication commemorating the first 100 years of Korean immigration.  It begins with an account of the rich history of Korean immigration to the United States and then provides current sociological research on issues such as the interplay of family dynamics and gender roles in Korean-owned businesses. Furthermore, the book covers the role and function of religious communities in the discovery of the Korean identity. This work presents a panoramic tour of a people desiring to belong within the American milieu while retaining the heritage and values of a homeland they left.

A compelling vision is made for an active engagement of all Koreans and Korean-Americans into the social, political, cultural, and economic life of the United States that does not negate one’s tradition and self-identity. Rather, it enriches them and inspires others to join in the enterprise. By charting the history and lessons of Korean immigration, the contributors uncover the values and spirit of Korean immigrants and how the struggle to survive and thrive, then and now, is reinterpreted by each succeeding generation. Included in this book is a section of prize-winning essays submitted by Korean-American college students concerning topics including acculturation and the role of Korean-Americans in politics.

Korean-Americans: Past, Present, and Future was commissioned by the Centennial Committee of Korean Immigration to the United States-Greater New York, and edited by Dr. Ilpyong Kim, Professor Emeritus, Dept. of Political Science, University of Connecticut, Storrs, and President (1996-2000) of the International Council on Korean Studies (ICKS).

1. A Century of Korean Immigration to the United States: 1903-2003 by Ilpyong J. Kim, University of Connecticut
2. History of the Korean Church: A Case Study of Christ United Methodist Church by Yong-Ho Choe, University of Hawaii
3. The Korean Independence Movement in the United States: Syngman Rhee, Ahn Ch’ang-Ho and Pak Yong-Man by Han-Kyo Kim, University of Cincinnati

4. The Dawn of a New Generation: The Historical Evolution of Inter-Generational Conflict and Cooperation in Korean-American Organizational Politics by Angie Y. Chung, State University of New York at Albany
5. In the Name of the Family: Gender and Immigrant Small Business Ownership by Eunju Lee, State University of New York at Albany
6. Korean Immigrant Women’s Work in the Nail Salon Industry: Gender, Race and Class in the Service Sector by Miliann Kang, University of Massachusetts at Amherst
7. Korean Adoptees Role in the United States by Eleana Kim, New York University
8. The Coming of Age of Korean Adoptees: Ethnic Identity Development and Psychological Adjustment by Richard M. Lee, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Campus
9. Independent and Interdependent Self-Construals of Korean and Korean Americans: The Effect of Gender and the Level of Acculturation by Yoon Joh, Ph.D., University of Connecticut at Storrs
10. The Role of Religious Congregations in Formation of the Korean Community of the Washington, DC Area by Okyun Kwon, Ph.D., City University of New York

11. Confucian Ideals and American Values by Brian Lee, Yale University
12. Acculturation without Assimilation by Jane Euna Kim, Boston University
13. CollegeVoter.Org by Sean Oh, Dartmouth College
14. Korean-American Youth: Almost There, Yet So Far Away by Howard Han, Yale University

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