Korean Intangible Cultural Properties

Folk Dramas, Games, and Rites


Korea’s cultural heritage, accumulated throughout its long history, is a mirror which reflects the nation’s identity and serves to heighten its status in the world today. This book compiles dramas, which were the tool of commoners for expressing their joys and sorrows through humor and satire, and games and rites, rooted in folk beliefs, which aimed at bringing people together in peace and prosperity. Nine folklore experts present 37 items in unprecedented detail. Folk dramas, games, and rites are certainly one of the prime movers of modern development. We of this generation therefore have good reason for passing them on to our children, especially since rapid industrialization has influenced them to put aside folk dramas, games, and rites.

184 pp.
LC# 99-68656
Hardcover 23 x 27 cm
ISBN-13: 9781565911642
ISBN-10: 1565911644

Korean Intangible Cultural Properties Series: