Korean Grammar & Usage I for SAT II Prep (Second Edition)


Korean Language Coach Grammar & Usage I is Part 1 of a two-part series. The series is an advanced test prep study guide designed to prepare students for the SAT Subject Test in Korean (SAT II Korean), the NEWL (National Examinations in World Languages) Korean Exam, and the TOPIK II (Test of Proficiency in Korean). Decades of research, testing and fine tuning have gone into the development of this two volume set. The guide begins with a 100 question personalized placement test (Volume I) which helps students identify their grammar strengths and weaknesses.

Volume I covers Nouns, Particles, Verbs and Pre-Nouns. 2,700 interactive practice exercises fill in personal gaps with extensive practice in targeted areas while high-frequency vocabulary are systematically repeated throughout the book. Volume II covers Adjectives, Adverbs, Conjunctions, Syntaxes, Polite Form, Proverbs and Idiomatic Phrases and provides 2,500 Interactive Practice Exercises. This two-volume advanced study guide is based on years of coaching students and successfully helping them achieve the highest scores on the SAT Korean Subject Test, NEWL (The National Examinations in World Languages)  Korean Exam and the TOPIK II (Test of Proficiency in Korean).

NEWL Korean is an online proficiency exam designed to provide a set of measures of functional proficiency in Korean for use as a predictive assessment for continued language study beyond high school. This test reflects best practices in the field of language assessment and is innovative in its construct and design.

The TOPIK test is a Korean Language test for nonnative speakers of Korean.  The test is taken by overseas ethnic Koreans, those wishing to study at a Korean university, and for those who want to be employed at Korean companies in and outside of Korea.

267 pp.
LC# 2019955386
Softcover 21.6 x 28 cm
ISBN-13: 9781565913820
ISBN-10: 1565913825