Korean through Active Listening Bk 2

w/ cassettes


Please note that this is the new version of Elementary Task-Centered Listening Comprehension of Korean.

Korean through Active Listening Bk 2 is an intensive listening comprehension course for beginner to advanced beginner-level students.  This book is intended to help the learner listen for meaning not listen to every word to do a task but the overall message of what someone is saying.


In-Jung Cho

In-Jung Cho was born in Korea and earned the degrees of B.A. and M.A. in English linguistics from Korea University, and is preparing a Ph. D. thesis on child language acquisition at the same university. He is now part time lecturer and associate in the Department of Asian Languages and Studies at Monash Unversity, and works for Radio Australia in Melbourne.

Young-A Cho was born in Korea and earned degrees of B.A. in Korean education from Hong-Ik University and M.A. in Korean linguistics from Korea University. Her publications include several papers on Korean linguistics and Teaching Korean as a Second Language, and six books on learning for foreigners.

Young-A Cho

104 pp.
Softcover 21 x 29.5 cm.
ISBN-13: 9781565910577
ISBN-10: 1565910575