Let’s Color Korea: Traditional Lifestyles


Let’s Color Korea: Traditional Lifestyles introduces the ancient traditions, customs and lifestyle of the Korean people are brilliantly illustrated in this coloring book, offering children the chance to color in the vivid scenes of Korea’s rich heritage.


Suzanne C. Han

Suzanne Crowder Han was born in Greenwood, South Carolina in 1953. She completed a Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of South Carolina in 1975, majoring in Studio Art. She has lived in Korea since 1977 when she first came to the country as a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer. She is now a freelance writer, editor and translator. She has written a collection of Korean folk and fairy tales and a number of Korean guide books and children’s books. She has also translated and published several Korean literary works.

Gi-eun Lee

26 pp.
Softcover 26 x 30 cm
ISBN-13: 9780930878948
ISBN-10: 0930878949

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