Long Long Time Ago

Korean Folk Tales


In Long Long Time Ago readers will encounter twenty wonderful stories that are the long-time companions of Korean children.

From time immemorial, folk tales and stories have delighted children everywhere. Children are most happy when they are listening to stories as they fall sleep, and living the stories in their dreams.

Sometimes the stories make them feel happy, sometimes sad, weak or strong, scared or brave, but mostly the stories become part of them as they grow up. Children who read many stories can learn how to live, how to dream, how to make their dreams come true, and how to sympathize with others.

Here in these twenty most wonderful stories, children will meet the long-time friends of Korean children. A rabbit who outwits a tiger, a brother and a sister who became the Sun and the Moon, ogres and their magic clubs, a tortoise and hare who are totally different from the ones in Aesop’s fable, rats who want the Sun to became their son-in-law, and many many more beloved characters.

Such stories as these, while appealing to children everywhere, are also true reflections of Korean customs and tradition. So these stories also serve as a wonderful way to understand the culture and customs of Korea.

127 pp.
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Softcover 22.5 x 20 cm
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