Passage to Korea


South Korea is the world’s 11th largest trading economy and is also becoming a major political player, but is still far less well-known than the larger neighbors that surround it. It shares many cultural roots and forms with China and Japan, yet maintains its own colorful style. From the wellspring of its still-strong Shamanism, it developed powerful currents of Confucianism, Buddhism and Christianity that still feed every aspect of society. Now, its dramatic mountains shelter a deep and unique Asian culture that is still evolving fresh flowers. Their independence-loving and can-do spirit have protected the Koreans and led them to amazing success despite exceptionally challenging conditions. Their traditional culture is gaining global respect at the same time as their pop culture enjoys sweeping popularity throughout East Asia and elsewhere. This book is your ticket for an insightful passage to the dynamic rising industrial power that also remains a complex landscape of mystery and charm.

224 pp.
LC# 2005931469
Hardcover 27 x 23 cm
ISBN-13: 9781565912205
ISBN-10: 1565912209

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