Teach Yourself Hangul by Video


Teach Yourself Hangul by Video by Bryan Park is designed to help non-native speakers who are completely unfamiliar with Korean, learn Hangul, the Korean alphabet, in the easiest and fastest way possible by themselves.

  1. EASIEST – What’s the ideal way to learn foreign characters? Watching how to write them correctly and practicing writing them down on paper yourself. What’s the ideal way to learn a foreign language’s pronunciation? Watching and listening how to pronounce characters correctly, and practicing pronouncing them yourself. Simple, huh? But in a traditional book format, it’s not easy to get this key information across. So, I’ve added videos showing how native speakers pronounce characters. They also have animated motion pictures showing how to write Hangul in them. The attached CD contains mp3 files which the example sentences in step four are recorded with. These additional resources will help you understand what the book says.
  2. FASTEST – Writing and reading the alphabet is not the end goal. It’s the first step in learning the language. Therefore, I don’t want you to spend too much time on it. That’s why I wanted to make this book as brief as possible. At the same time, however, this book is a bridge to the next step. With example sentences including sample words in step 2 and 3, you can become familiar with basic Korean as well as learning about characters and pronunciation.
  3. BY YOURSELF – Unfortunately, there are not enough Korean language books for foreigners struggling with Korean at home. So I wrote this book in English and in Japanese. That’s because I think to explain Hangul and its pronunciation better, it’s necessary to relate it to the learner’s native tongue. The learning process will not be the same for English native-speakers as it is for Japanese learners. What speakers of different languages find difficult, the way they listen, and the way they understand Hangul can be very different. So I’ve made an effort to give explanations that reflect this point, allowing different learners to study effectively on their own.


159 pp.
Softcover 22 x 14 cm.
ISBN-13: 9781565913745
ISBN-10: 1565913744

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