Woodcutter and the Heavenly Maiden – The Firedogs (bilingual) Vol. 1


Woodcutter and the Heavenly Maiden – The Firedogs (bilingual) vol. 1 is part of the 10 volume set Korean Folk Tales for Children (ISBN: 0-930878-05-1)

Each volume in the series contains two beloved folktales that generations of Koreans have grown up hearing.  If you want to understand the ethos of the Korean people, enjoy these folktales for yourself.  Or perhaps you want to introduce a new generation of children to these folktales.

In part 1 of vol. 1, a woodcutter longs for his children and fairy maiden wife in heaven and tries to follow them.

In part 2 of vol. 1, the fire dog embarks on a quest to bring back the sun and the moon so that the dark kingdom will have light.

43 pp.
Hardcover 20 x 22.8 cm
ISBN-13: 9780930878719
ISBN-10: 093087871X

Korean Folk Tales for Children: