Woodcutter and Tiger Brother (bilingual)


Woodcutter and Tiger Brother (bilingual):  A woodcutter outwits a horrible tiger by making him believe that he is the woodcutter’s older brother who used to be a human. The tiger shows his dutifulness to his human mother by bringing gifts to her backyard and later follows after her death. This book has been translated into German as well as into English so that children of the world could share the joy of reading it together.

The story Woodcutter and Tiger Brother shows us the spirit of Korean people filled with courage and wit. It also tells us that “filial piety,” or faithfulness to one’s parents, is the prime virtue of Korean people in which human beings and even a tiger believed in their spirits.


Nami Rhee

Woodcutter and Tiger Brother is retold and illustrated by Nami Rhee. She studied Graphic Design at Hong-ik University in Seoul, Korea and graduated from Art Center College of Design in USA with a major in Illustration. She is currently a visiting professor of Hong-ik University in Seoul, Korea.

30 pp.
LC# 98-87686
Hardcover 26.5 x 22.7 cm
ISBN-13: 9781565910935
ISBN-10: 1565910931

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