Between Sound and Silence



Between Sound and Silence, a dual-language volume of poems by Chang Soo Ko, includes predominantly his poems in English which have been published in American literary journals. With both Korean and American readers in mind, Professor David McCann, who teaches Korean literature at Harvard University, has written the preface.

Chang Soo Ko made his debut as a poet in Korea in the 1960s and in America in the 1980s. He has received ‘The Korean Literature Translation Award’ from The Korea Times, ‘The Poetry Prize in Korea’, and ‘The Bolan Prize for International Merit’ (in Poetry) in Pakistan. After joining the Korean Foreign Service in 1965, Ko served his country in Seattle as consul general, in Ethiopia and Pakistan as ambassador, and as Ambassador for International Cultural Cooperation. Currently, he devotes most of his time to writing and translating poetry, and to writing about culture. Ko wrote a doctoral thesis at Sungkyunkwan University about Buddhist thought in T. S. Eliot’s poetry; he has studied at Columbia University and other American universities.

143 pp.
LC# 00-104685
Hardcover 22 x 15 cm.
ISBN-13: 9781565911550
ISBN-10: 1565911555