Dynamic Taekwondo: A Martial Art and Olympic Sport


Dynamic Taekwondo: A Martial Art and Olympic Sport presents all you need to know about Taekwondo.  Taekwondo originated in Korea as a traditional martial art and rose in popularity. It finally became an official Olympic sport in the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games.  Today, Taekwondo is a popular sport practiced in almost every country around the world.

Taekwondo benefits health and fitness in both body and spirit.  However, it lacks written resources for learners to refer to, even though it is a world renowned sport.

Author Kyong Myong Lee sums up the unique internal dynamic of Taekwondo: “The ultimate winner is the one who can conquer himself.” Dynamic Taekwondo offers all you need to know about Taekwondo, from its historical background to the basic Taekwondo stance and many of the moves and skills employed.

170 pp.
LC# 95-76493
Hardcover and Softcover 14 x 21.5 cm
ISBN-13: 9781565910607 (H) 675875687658765 (S)
ISBN-10: 1565910605