Korean Games and Sports


Korean Games and Sports is accessible to anyone seeking an international perspective on the cultural salience of folk and contemporary games and sports of Korea. As an admirable collection and readable book, it will undoubtedly find a readership between families and friends as well as among students and teachers in academic fields. This book consists of three parts: games of old, such as kite-flying and sledding; board and card games, such as Korean chess and go; and martial arts and sports, such as taekwondo. In each part, a brief introduction provides an overview of the selection of games or sports contained therein. Each of the games and sports includes historical backgrounds, its evolution and an explanation as to how and why it became unique to Korea or otherwise important to Korean culture. Any equipment needed is described, and instructions on how to play are included. Also, illustrations would aid visualization of activities to foreigners who may not be familiar with them in a uniquely Korean context. Anyone interested in games and/or sports will find this volume interesting and useful.


Karl Randall

Karl Randall, a permanent resident of South Korea, received B.S. degrees in Economics and Finance from Oakland University and his M.A. in History from American Military University. He currently works as a full time lecturer at Kyungsung University in Busan, South Korea, where he teaches a number of classes geared toward introducing foreign exchange students to Korean Culture. In his spare time, he enjoys practicing both archery and fencing. In addition to his interest in games and sports, Randall is an avid historian whose research efforts lie in military history, the history of technology and research in non- firearms weapons and armor. He is world’s leading expert on the history of paper armor and its defensive capabilities.

144 pp.
LC# 2011923373
Softcover 15.3 X 22.5 cm
ISBN-13: 9781565913103
ISBN-10: 1565913108

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