Koreans to Remember

50 famous people who helped shape Korea


Koreans to Remember: 50 famous people who helped shape Korea will provide you with the basic details of many historical characters of Korea. Use the book as a reference whenever you encounter famous names and wish to quickly become conversant in the basis of their popularity.

While there are many tourist guides and history books that detail famous places in Korea, relatively little is written about the people of Korean history. What little material is available in English is scattered and sometimes difficult to obtain.

To provide an interested reader with the basic details of many historical characters of Korea, the author conducted a survey to choose famous names which Koreans thought foreigners should study if they wanted to develop a basic knowledge of Korea. There are names from many periods of history. Included are political figures, businessmen, religious figures, philosophers, kings, scholars, military figures and artists.

90 b/w photos.


Richard Saccone

Dr. Richard Saccone was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He earned his academic degrees from Weber State University (B.S.), Naval Postgraduate School (M.A.), and University of Oklahoma (M.P.A.), and the University of Pittsburgh (Ph.D.).

He first came to Korea in 1978 and has lived in both North and South Korea, on and off, over fourteen years. He became deeply interested in the history and culture and has spent significant time traveling, observing and studying Korea in connection with the research for this and his other books. Over the years, he appeared regularly on television, radio, and also wrote a weekly travel column.

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