Let’s Visit Korea (bilingual)

Bilingual, Revised Edition


Let’s Visit Korea (Bilingual, Revised Edition) is a brilliantly illustrated book designed to introduce children to Korea, her people and her customs, and even some of her dreams and aspirations.

Travel with Nick and his sister Mona as they and their parents visit Korea. Join them as they explore Korea’s best-known cities. Journey with them as they travel to mountains, beaches, palaces, temples, and museums. Let Nick and Mona introduce you to some of the most spectacular monuments of Korea’s ancient civilizations, some of its most picturesque scenery, and some of its customs and traditions.

Color illustrations. Bilingual (English-Korean).

32 pp.
LC# 93-61332
Hardcover 28 x 22 cm
ISBN-13: 9781565910102
ISBN-10: 1565910109

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