A Long, Last Journey with the Kkokdu


Korean Kkokdu (or kokdu) are carved wooden figures from Korea which were often made into the shape of a woman, boy, girl, or man on horseback or tiger. They were intended to accompany a loved one so that their journey to the after-life was not lonely, hard or scary. They are a symbol of the traditional Korean funeral where they would be hung on a funeral bier. These toy looking wooden carvings guided people on their journey to the other world, to protect them and serve as companions in their next life.



Charlie Chung (Translator)

Chung is a translator of children’s literature.  She studied translation at Ewha Women’s University GSTI and worked for a publishing agency introducing Korean children’s books around the world. She has translated many Korean children’s books into English and been in a doctoral program in translation studies.

32 pp.
LC# 2014942426
Hardcover 26.5 x 21.5 cm
ISBN-13: 9781565914216
ISBN-10: 156591421X