Petroglyph Panels in Ulsan, Korea, In the Context of World Rock Art


The Bangudae Petroglyphs Institute of the University of Ulsan and the Korea Studies Institute of Harvard University co-hosted the First International Symposium on Petroglyphs on April 26 and 27, 2012.  At the symposium, held in the United States at Cambridge, MA., renowned international researchers of petroglyphs presented papers on the Bangudae petroglyphs and related subjects.  As a result, the presenters and discussants all acknowledged the significance of opening up the international discussion of this important site of East Asian history and prehistoric art.  This book is based on the papers presented during the symposium.

This book is the English edition of a compilation of the articles by the 2012 Symposium presenters and discussants.  In addition, an appendix on the current state of Korean petroglyphs is also included.

World Petroglyphs Research I

231 pp.
LC# 2013937664
Hardcover 15.5 x 23.5
ISBN-13: 9781565914063
ISBN-10: 1565914066

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