Bangudae: Petroglyph Panels in Ulsan, Korea, In the Context of World Rock Art

Petroglyph Panels in Ulsan, Korea, In the Context of World Rock Art


Bangudae: Petroglyph Panels in Ulsan, Korea, in the Context of World Rock Art is brought to you by the Bangudae Petroglyphs Institute of the University of Ulsan and the Korea Studies Institute of Harvard University who co-hosted the First International Symposium on Petroglyphs on April 26 and 27, 2012.  At the symposium, held in the United States at Cambridge, MA., renowned international researchers of petroglyphs presented papers on the Bangudae petroglyphs and related subjects.  As a result, the presenters and discussants all acknowledged the significance of opening up the international discussion of this important site of East Asian history and prehistoric art.  This book is based on the papers presented during the symposium.

This book is the English edition of a compilation of the articles by the 2012 Symposium presenters and discussants.  In addition, an appendix on the current state of Korean petroglyphs is also included.

World Petroglyphs Research I


Table of Contents:


Ⅰ. Arts of Prehistoric and Ancient Korea and the Bangudae Petroglyphs
(한국의 선사시대와 고대의 미술과 반구대암각화)
Ho-tae Jeon
• Art Trends in Prehistoric and Ancient Korea
• The Stylistic Characteristics and Contents of the Bangudae Petroglyphs
• Production Dates and Production Groups of the Bangudae Petroglyphs

Ⅱ. The Bangudae Whales in the Context of World Rock Art
(세계 바위예술의 흐름 안에서 본 반구대암각화의 고래상)
Paul G. Bahn
• Early Prehistory
• Australia
• Pacific Islands
• South America
• Mesoamerica
• North America
• Africa
• Russia and Scandinavia
• Conclusion

Ⅲ. The Rock Art of Siberia as Regional Context for the Consideration of Bangudae,
(반구대 연구를 위한 지역적 맥락으로서의 시베리아의 바위예술)
Esther Jacobson-Tepfer

Ⅳ. The Bangudae Rock Art Panel: A Structural View
(반구대암각화: 구조주의적 관점)
Henri-Paul Francfort

Ⅴ. Perspectives on Meaning: The unique Petroglyphs of Bangudae
(의미로 본 반구대암각화의 독특한 도상)
Anne Solomon
• Iconography and Visual Meanings
• Visual Meanings and the Bangudae Petroglyphs
• The Bangudae Whales: Orientation, Perspective and Form
• Visual Contrasts
• Tigers: Considering Composition
• Conclusion

Ⅵ. A Shaman of Bangudae dreams the Altai
(반구대 샤먼 알타이를 꿈꾸다)
Se-gweon Yim
• The Petroglyphs of Northern Asia and at Bangudae
• The Whale and Shaman of Bangudae Petroglyph
• The Shaman Figure with Big Hands
• Shaman Figures with Big Hands in Northern Asia
• Tribute to the Shaman with Big Hands Dreaming of the Altai

Ⅶ. The Bangudae Petroglyphs Site and Perspectives for its Inscription on the World Heritage List
(반구대암각화유적의 세계문화유적 등재 전망)
Jun-hi Han
• The Global Strategy of the World Heritage Convention
• The Cultural Landscape Category
• Rock Art Sites on the World Heritage List
• The Bangudae Site and Perspectives for its Inscription on the World Heritage List

Ⅷ. Current State of Korean Petroglyphs
(한국의 암각화 유적 현황)
Ho-tae Jeon
• Ulsan, Busan, Gyeongnam Region
• Jeonnam, Jeonbuk Region
• Jeju Island Region
• Hamgyeongbuk-do Region



Ho-tae Jeon (전호태) University of Ulsan
Paul G. Bahn Independent Researcher
Esther Jacobson-Tepfer University of Ulsan
Henri-Paul Francfort CNRS, France
Anne Solomon Independent Researcher (Formerly Natal Museum)
Se-gweon Yim (임세권) Andong National University
Jun-hi Han (한준희) UNESCO Program Specialist

Jiyeon Kim (김지연) Project Editor

231 pp.
LC# 2013937664
Hardcover 15.5 x 23.5
ISBN-13: 9781565914063
ISBN-10: 1565914066

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