The Cheonjeon-ri Petroglyphs in Ulsan


Actual Survey Report of the Cheonjeon-ri Petroglyphs in Ulsan
The Cheonjeon-ri Petroglyphs – No. 147 National Treasure of South Korea – consist of a large rectangular rock panel under a low hill, and several other rocks located north of this main panel about 2 kilometers from the Bangudae Petroglyphs in Ulsan. The numerous figures of deer, dogs, unidentifiable animals, human faces, full-length human bodies, geometric patterns, and more than 1,000 inscribed letters are carved on the panel.
The Cheonjeon-ri Petroglyphs in Ulsan is an actual survey report of the Cheonjeon-ri Petroglyphs. This book is published by the Bangudae Petroglyphs Institute of University of Ulsan. This report is composed of the analysis, categorization, and cataloguing of the all the carvings in the Cheonjeon-ri Petroglyphs. Through the surveys, unrecognized carvings were discovered and many textual inscriptions – showing a relationship between Silla Kingdoms and Ulsan area – were decoded.
Publication of this book is a great step forward in the study of this important site, an accomplishment that should be recognized by scholars both in and outside Korea studying rock art sites, ancient texts, and other historic relics. In fact, several survey reports of the site have been made, focusing on figures or inscriptions or on particular works or techniques, depending on the interests of the researchers.


The Bangudae Petroglyphs Institute

Bangudae Petroglyphs Institute, University of Ulsan:
The Institute was established in 2010 to study domestic and foreign petroglyph sites including Bangudae Petroglyphs and to research case study of rock art s conservation and management. With the awareness of the Bangudae Petroglyphs Conservation, they hosted The First International Symposium on Petroglyphs with the Korean Studies Institute of Harvard University on April, 2012. And the World Petroglyphs Research series was launched in 2013 with the purpose of locating the Bangudae petroglyphs of Ulsan in the larger context of the world’s prehistoric rock art.

153 pp.
LC# 2014945000
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ISBN-13: 9781565914117
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