Folk Tales from Korea


Folk Tales from Korea is a fun way to access to the Korean ethos.  Enjoy these folk tales handed down through the generations and you will gain a better understanding of the Korean people.  You will most certainly recognize the Confucius influence on people’s lives.

“These 99 examples are as various as they are enjoyable, some fantastic, some ironic, others with morality as their aim. All are presented in clear and comfortable English.” –Times Literary Supplement

“These tales present a glimpse of Korean society which is not obscured by the heavy mask of classical tradition. The family ethics of Confucianism appear, not as they are enshrined in the Classics, but as they are worked out in the lives of the people, and sometimes of the animals.” –The Listener

“His book is sure to arouse the keen interest of the general reading public. While the scholar will be able to collect further information from the detailed introduction and the carefully worked out indexes, the main part of the book has on purpose been kept free from any learned apparatus so as to enable the reader to do justice to the primary purpose of all tales. They are told to be enjoyed. I very much hope that the present collection will give joy to the general reader as I am sure it has been a source of permanent joy to the compiler.” From the Foreward by Prof. W. Simon

258 pp.
LC# 82-82600
Hardcover 14 x 21.5 cm
ISBN-13: 9780930878269
ISBN-10: 0930878264

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