A Korean Health Food


Kimchi is hailed as one of the most natural and mineral-rich diet dishes.  It is a very special vegetable delicacy beloved by all Koreans. It is a dish of subtle variations with different seasons, locales and companions.  Learn about the large variety of traditional recipes and how to prepare them. Encounter the rich blends of vegetables, seafood, and spices including red peppers, garlic, and ginger. Each variation offers a unique treat to the Western palate.

This book presents recipes for forty-eight different varieties and twelve combination dishes that contain this special delicacy. The book also offers detailed information about proper ingredients and a brief historical account of the kimchi tradition.

64 pp.
LC# 88-83284
Hardcover 18 x 25.5 cm
ISBN-13: 9780930878597
ISBN-10: 0930878590

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