Korean Food 101: A Glimpse into Everyday Dining


A History of Food…Korean style!  Korean Food 101: A Glimpse into Everyday Dining is not a recipe book for the cook, but for the international foodie interested in the Who, What, Where and Why of Korean cuisine.

Fascinating vignettes explain the origin and health benefits of each dish and their role in Korean history and culture.  This book is filled with tasty tips and cultural insights about dishes enjoyed by Korea’s royal family, the general public, and even today’s K-pop stars. You will discover the answers to questions such as: What is a winter kimchi vs. a summer kimchi?  What do Koreans enjoy for a late-night snack? Why do Koreans eat kelp soup on their birthday or which soup is good for a cold?  Why do Korean have dried pollack soup to relieve a hangover?

Learn about the cuisine and you will learn about the people. As Korean food gains in world-wide popularity, Korean Food 101: A Glimpse into Everyday Dining introduces the traditions and history of Korean food culture to English readers. The Korean Food Foundation researched and compiled these details on 101 Korean dishes to educate global food lovers about the nutritional value and history of classic Korean cuisine.


239 pp.
LC# 2014954183
Softcover 15 x 21 cm
ISBN-13: 9781565914582
ISBN-10: 1565914589