Tower of Ants (Bilingual)


Prize-winning author Choe In-ho paints a dizzying portrait of what living in a modern, self-centered society entails in his breakthrough short story Tower of Ants (Bilingual). The plot centers around a young man who is going nowhere in his 9-5 advertising job when, one day, his apartment is suddenly infested with ants. The story soon becomes a battle for sanity as the thousands upon thousands of insects slowly take over the man’s life, his apartment and his mind. No. 5 in the Modern Korean Short Stories Series.


In-ho Choi

Choi In-ho was born in Seoul in 1945 and graduated from Yonsei University with a degree in English Language and Literature. He entered the literary scene when his short story “Byeokgumeong-euro (A Hall in the Wall)” was accepted for the Hangook Ilbo Sinchun Literature Award in 1963 and formally debuted when “Gyeonseup hwanja (Patient in Training)” won the Chosun Ilbo Sinchun Literature Award in 1967. He was won numerous other prizes, including the Sasanggye New Writer Award in 1967 for “2 wa 1/2 (2 and 1/2)” and the Contemporary Literature New Writer Award in 1971 for “Tain-ui bang (Another Man’s Room)” and “Cheosesul gaeron (An Introduction to the Art of Living)”. In 1982, he won the Yi Sang Literature Award for “Gipgo pureun ban (Deep Blue Night),” which was later made into a movie, the script of which also received an award at the Asia Film Festival as well as the Daejong Award in 1986.

170 pp.
LC# 2004103836
Hardcover 13 x 18 cm
ISBN-13: 9781565912021
ISBN-10: 1565912020

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