Walk in the Mountains (Bilingual)


Walk in the Mountains (Bilingual) is Vol. 4 in the Modern Korean Short Stories Series. An apathetic husband and a wife’s slow awakening to a harsh reality share center stage in So Young-En’s fascinating short story.  Partly a post-modern detective story of a wife trying to find the cause of her husband’s disinclination to function in society, it is also a spiritual exploration that culminates in the husband’s nirvana-like revelation, only to have the wife come to grips with a disturbing truth.


Young-en So

Born in 1943 in Gangneung, So Young-en graduated from Gangneung Teacher Training School in 1961. She entered Konkuk University in 1963 to study English Language and Literature but left the university in 1965. Her short story, “Gyo (Bridge)” won the new writers’ contest held by the monthly journal “Sasanggye” in 1968. The following year, her story “Nawa na (I and I)” was included in the new writers’ collection of “Monthly Literature,” a literary journal. Her short story, “Meon geudae (The Distant Beloved)” won the 7th Yi Sang Literature Award in 1983, and her story “Sadariga noin chang (A Window with a Ladder)” won the 3rd Yeonam Literature Award in 1990.

324 pp.
LC# 2004103833
Hardcover 13 x 18 cm
ISBN-13: 9781565912052
ISBN-10: 1565912055

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