Food of Korea: 200 Recipes


Food of Korea: 200 Recipes presents beautiful photos and carefully crafted recipes of dishes familiar to all who enjoy Korean food around the world.   In addition to presenting a feast for those interested in preparing their own Korean delights, the book attempts to address the difficulty that exists when transliterating the names of Korean recipes into English.  In order to advance Korean food culture throughout the world, this cookbook was compiled to support the standardization of Korean recipes with consistent English names for use in restaurants and search engines worldwide.

Characteristics of Korean cuisine
Ingredients of Korean cuisine

Rice, Porridge & Noodles
Soup & Stew
Braised & Stir-Fried Dishes
Grilled & Pan-Fried Dishes
Kimchi & Jang
Salad & Raw Food

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Korean Food Promotion Institute

The Korean Food Promotion Institute is a specialized public organization that searches for new dishes and conducts research on Korean cuisine in order to introduce Korean food and culinary culture to the world, and supports related content development and marketing.

332 pp.
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Softcover 20 x 26 cm
ISBN-13: 9781565914872
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