I Love Korea!



I Love Korea! highlights Korean lifestyles, history, folktales, poems and songs.

Korea has a long history of trials and tribulations. Yet whenever Koreans faced difficulties, they always displayed their hidden power, and made no compromise in protecting their land, language and other cultural heritage.

This volume is comprised of stories of the people who preserved their nationhood and maintained their unique culture with sound mind and clear purpose despite troubled times. Also  included are some songs and poems they loved to sing or recite.   Finally, the book contains a few folk tales which reflect the wit and humor of the Korean people.  All together, these stories and songs express the very human feelings and sentiments of Koreans.

Readers will find pleasure and gain some insight, which are touching legacies from Korea’s past.

86 pp.
LC# 91-76851
Hardcover 29 x 22 cm
ISBN-13: 9780930878870
ISBN-10: 0930878876

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